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We Take Your Picture, Not Your Money!


The husband and wife photography team embodies a partnership that extends beyond personal life into the creative realm of capturing moments and creating visual stories. 

Meet Charlie & Wendy, a dynamic husband and wife photography duo with a shared passion for storytelling through their lens. Their love for each other seamlessly intertwines with their love for the art of photography, creating a unique synergy that reflects in their work.

Wendy, with her keen eye for composition and technical expertise, brings a sense of precision to their photography. She is often found experimenting with lighting techniques and angles, ensuring every shot is technically flawless. Her attention to detail and technical proficiency form the backbone of their collaborative efforts.

Charlie, on the other hand, is the heart and soul of their creative endeavors. His intuitive understanding of emotions and moments allows him to capture the raw and authentic essence of every scene. Charlie excels at connecting with subjects, making them feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. His ability to tell a story through his photography is unparalleled.

Together, Charlie & Wendy create a harmonious blend of technical proficiency and artistic vision. Their clients often remark on the warm and inviting atmosphere they create during shoots, a testament to the genuine connection they share as life partners and creative collaborators. This couple understands the significance of every moment, and their ability to capture not just images but emotions is what sets them apart.

Whether photographing weddings, family portraits, or special events, Charlie & Wendy's photography reflects their shared journey through life. The husband and wife photography team not only captures the milestones of others but also brings their own love story into the narrative, creating a visual legacy that celebrates the beauty of love and partnership.


Our Promise to You

Affordable/Professional Photography 

No Overtime or Travel Fees

Attention to Detail and a Focus on You 

Full Time Office & Planning Staff


We offer packages that include photography services like engagement sessions, destination photography, albums and personalized one on one planning. 

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